EMPOWERMENT OF RED TARA at Ewam Choden on Feb. 25, 2018 at 1:00 pm

VEN . LAMA KUNGA RINPOCHE WILL KINDLY BESTOW THE EMPOWERMENT OF RED TARA ( Drolma Marmo) . Red Tara is powerfully beneficial for removing fears and obstacles from our own negativity, and for increasing wealth, longevity, and spiritual power. This empowerment is open to everyone.  The requested donation is $30. Dana (offering) to the Lama and monastic... [Read more]


Ven. Lama Kunga Rinpoche will kindly bestow the Empowerment of Amitabha Buddha. This will be followed by instruction on the practice of PHOWA, the intentional transference of consciousness at the time of death.  The Empowerment of Amitabha Buddha is at 10:00 am.  Please arrive early to register. LUNCH break–11:30 am to 1:30 pm The Phowa Teaching... [Read more]

EMPOWERMENT OF SIMHAMUKHA at Ewam Choden on Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 1:00 pm

 Ven. Lama Kunga Rinpoche has kindly agreed to bestow and teach the Empowerment of  SIMHAMUKHA (Senghe Dongma) Blue Lion-Headed Dakini.  According to Rinpoche, this full-moon day is especially auspicious for Simhamukha. In a wrathful form, she is the manifestation of the enlightened awareness of the Buddha. With compassion and wisdom, she destroys... [Read more]

EMPOWERMENT OF RED SARASVATI, (Yang Chen Marmo) at Ewam Choden on Sunday, MAY 20, 2018 at 1:00 pm

Venerable Lama Kunga Rinpoche will kindly bestow the empowerment and practice teachings of Red Sarasvati (Yang chen marmo).  This is an empowerment from the Sakya lineage.  The power of Red Sarasvati brings intelligence and wisdom. The magnetism removes obstacles of ignorance and stupidity.   There is no prerequisite. Everyone is welcome.  A practice... [Read more]

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Special Events

LOSAR ORACLE SOUP PARTY, Friday, Feb. 16, 2018 and SUNDAY PRAYERS, Feb. 18, 2018

Welcome to the Tibetan New Year Celebrations at Ewam Choden ! ༄༅།།ལོ་གསར་ལ་བཀྲ་ཤིས་བདེ་ལེགས་ཞུ།      Losar La Tashi Delek    New Year’s Greetings!   The year is 2145, the male earth dog. EVERYONE IS WELCOME ! FRIDAY EVENING, 2/16/18 at 7:00 pm at Ewam Choden  ORACLE SOUP... [Read more]

H.H. the 42nd SAKYA TRIZIN, Ratna Vajra Rinpoche, gives CAKRASAMVARA Empowerment in May 2018

EWAM CHODEN is happy to announce that His Holiness the 42nd Sakya Trizin, Ratna Vajra Rinpoche, head of the Sakya school, has kindly accepted our invitation to visit and bestow the following teachings. EMPOWERMENT OF CAKRASAMVARA (Khorlo Demchok) in the Nagpopa Tradition (Krishnacharya).   This is an Anuttarayoga empowerment, the highest in Vajrayana... [Read more]

Ewam Choden MEMBERS MEETING, Sunday, March 18, 2018

Information to follow soon!  Read More →

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