About Tharpa Chö Ling


Tharpa Chö Ling is the name of the wonderful rural retreat center that was acquired in June 2008.  These Tibetan words mean liberation (tharpa), dharma (chö), place (ling).

The property presently includes a furnished two-story house which can accommodate several people, and a separate building,  just renovated into a large, serene meditation hall (shrine room).  The buildings are situated on twenty-acres of spacious open land with small rolling hills, some trees, and plenty of wildlife.  The entire environment is gentle and peaceful. The property lies close to one edge of the Mendocino National Forest and to some organic farms.

This retreat center is the fulfillment of Lama Kunga Rinpoche’s longtime intention, and he hopes that its use will facilitate and promote dedicated practice among Dharma students toward liberation (tharpa) for all sentient beings.