COMPLETED–Ven. Lama Kunga Rinpoche will give Black Dzambhala and Hayagriva Empowerments in the Los Angeles area on September 6 & 7

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This event is sponsored by Tsechen Chokhor Ling, a Sakya center located in Arcadia, California.
  Black Dzambhala Empowerment on Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014  at 1:30 pm
  Hayagriva Empowerment on Sunday, Sept. 7, 2014 at  1:30 pm

Suggested donation is $25 for each empowerment.    The location is Tsechen Chokhor Ling, 12037 Clark Street, Arcadia, CA 91006



Completed—Ven. Lama Kunga Rinpoche will give a GREEN TARA empowerment in Ukiah, California on September 20, 2014

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Ven. Lama Kunga Rinpoche will kindly offer the empowerment of GREEN TARA in the Atisha tradition.  This event is sponsored by the sangha members of Tharpa Cho Ling, the retreat center of Ewam Choden in Upper Lake, CA.   Everyone is welcome.  The empowerment may be received with the intention of practice or only as a blessing. A sadhana for practice will be available.  Also, Ven. Lama Kunga Rinpoche will give a  Buddhist refuge ceremony to newcomers.

The day and time—-Saturday, Sept. 20 at 12 noon

The location—-HOLY TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH,  640  South Orchard Avenue, Ukiah, CA 

Requested Donation is $25.00.  Dana (offering) to the Lama is separate.

For further information, please contact Max at 707-275-9435.

Green Tara ((Drolma སྒྲོལ་མ, in Tibetan) is a Bodhisattva of enlightened activity and purified energy.




Completed–KHENPO MIGMAR TSETEN TEACHES AT EWAM CHODEN The Heart Sutra and The Four Noble Truths on AUGUST 16 & 17

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Khenpo Migmar Tseten will kindly explain the profound meanings of two essential Buddhist texts—the Heart Sutra, which underlies the Mahayana path, and the Four Noble Truths, the basis for all Buddhism.  These events are suitable for everyone and open to the public.   They are an excellent introduction to Buddhist philosophy and views for beginners, and an opportunity for practitioners to reinforce and deepen their understanding.


THE HEART SUTRA (Prajnaparamita) or Perfection of Wisdom
The Heart Sutra is the most important Mahayana  wisdom training of the Buddha. The Sutra explicitly explains the ultimate truth of emptiness and implicitly shows the graduated path of meditation to go beyond samsara and nirvana. Learning the Heart Sutra also helps to perfect the Mahayana and Vajrayana sadhana practice. Khenpo Migmar will explain the essence of The Heart Sutra based on his forthcoming book, The Wisdom Gone Beyond.

Saturday, August 16th–from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
There will be a break for lunch with some snacks provided by the Center and potluck from people attending.
Requested donation of $50. for the day.  Dana (offering) to the Lama is separate.

The Four Noble Truths are regarded as the central teaching of the Buddhist tradition and provide the framework upon which all other Buddhist philosophy and meditation are based. These Noble Truths are the truth of suffering, the origin of suffering, the cessation of suffering, and the path leading to nirvāṇa. Although we may already be familiar with this core doctrine, by repeatedly studying the Four Noble Truths and their sixteen corresponding aspects, our realizations on the spiritual path can become more transformative and profound. To further study about the Four Noble Truths, please read Lama Migmar’s newest book Awakening to the Noble Truth, which can be purchased on Amazon.

Sunday, August 17th—from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Requested donation of $30. for the afternoon.  Dana (offering) to the Lama is separate.

Everyone is welcome.
Please arrive early and be considerate of neighbors when parking in our residential neighborhood.




Lama Migmar has been serving Harvard-wide student, faculties, and staff as a Buddhist Chaplain since 1997. He received both a traditional and a contemporary education in India. He graduated with an Acharya degree in 1979 from Tibetan Institute of Sanskrit University, Varanasi, India, and with first position every nine years among four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. He was awarded a medal for academic excellence by His Holiness The Dalai Lama. He was also recognized as Khenpo for his scholarship and service to the Dharma by His Holiness Sakya Trizin.
Lama Migmar served as the head of Sakya Center in Rajpur, India, and the Sakya Monastery in Puruwalla, India, from 1981 to 1989, taking care of the well being of several hundred monastic residents. During this time he reintroduced the original form of the geshe educational system of Tibet, with degrees from kazhipa up to the rabjampa degree, with a curriculum that included all of the eighteen major texts, which are known as the Dragchen Chogyed.
Additionally, Lama Migmar supervised the editing and publication of over 50 rare volumes of Sakya literature including the 31 volumes of Sakya Lamdre and the rare Golden Manuscripts of the Five Founding Masters of Sakya. He founded Sakya Institute for Buddhist Studies in Cambridge, MA in 1990. He leads retreats at Buddhist centers throughout North America and Europe.

He is the author, editor and translator in a series of four  Vision books and of the Treasures of the Sakya Lineage.  His newest book,  just published last month, is called Awakening to the Noble Truth.  It’s a teaching on the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path.

Visit his website at

Completed EVENT—*NEW* VEN. LAMA KUNGA RINPOCHE will give the RIGSUM GOMPO—Empowerment of the Three Bodhisattvas–plus special teaching on September 28 at 1 pm at Ewam Choden

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Ven. Lama Kunga Thartse Rinpoche will kindly offer the three empowerments known together as the Rigsum Gompo. They are  Vajrapani, Manjushri, and Avalokiteshvara. The empowerment of the three Bodhisattvas will be given in a special one-day Rigsum Gompo empowerment.

The empowerment will be followed by a special teaching on the Sadhana practice by Lama Kunga Rinpoche.

DAY AND TIME—Sunday, September 28, 2014 at 1:00 pm       Please come early to register.

The donation for the day is $60 and $45 for Ewam Choden members.   Dana (offering) to the Lama and monastic helpers is separate.

Please be considerate of neighbors when parking in the area.

3 Bodhisattvas