Ceremonies & Blessings

Lama Kunga Rinpoche has long been offering a variety of blessings and ceremonies for the well-being and benefit of individuals, the community, and all sentient beings.

The Blessings include the following:

House/Land Blessing – This is a blessing to promote the health, peacefulness, and productivity of house and land.

Blessing For Children – This is a blessing to promote fecundity.

Blessing Of Children. -This is a blessing that promotes the safety, health and auspicious development of children.

Anniversary Blessing – This is a blessing to commemorate an event or special occasion.

Pet Blessing – This a blessing for the sentient beings that people adopt as a loving part of their lives.

The Ceremonies are:

Marriage Ceremony – Lama Kunga is licensed by the State of California to perform marriage ceremonies.  Special blessings would also be offered in conjunction with the marriage ceremony.

Long Life Ceremony – This ceremony promotes long life for the sponsor and family, as well as invoking the great compassion of the Buddhas to bless and augment the vitality of all living beings.

Special Long Life Ceremony – This is a unique and powerful way to magnetize all vital forces to assist the recovery and well-being of individuals in need of such methods.

Tibetan Buddhist Funeral Ceremony –  This is to promote the enlightenment and good migration of the departed person’s mental continum.

Other special ceremonies, rituals, divinations (Mo) and prayers can be requested or sponsored.lkr-blessing1

Lama Kunga Rinpoche is seen here blessing a new trans-oceanic trimaran yacht. (right)

Donations for any of the blessings, ceremonies and rituals mentioned here are determined at the time of the request.

If you are interested in requesting a blessing, ceremony or ritual, please contact Ewam Choden at 510-527-7363.