Listen to Recordings from Lectures at Ewam Choden


For the benefit of our Sangha and anyone else who may be interested, we have begun to record some of the teachings at Ewam Choden. As soon as it is possible, these recordings are being digitized to be put here on the website for listening and for free download.
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THE FIRST LECTURES are by Khempo Migmar Tseten on Abhidharma

Khenpo Migmar founded the Sakya Institute in Cambridge, MA and serves as Buddhist chaplain at Harvard University. Detailed information about him can be found at his website:

According to Khenpo Migmar, “Abhidharma provides the essential framework necessary for understanding the inter-relationship between the objective world of matter and the subjective world of mind and its emotions from a Buddhist point of view. Abhidharma forms the practical basis for the fruitful pursuit of all Buddhist meditation and practice.”

The teaching was held at Ewam Choden on August 13-15, 2010.

Intro to Abhidharma (58 minutes / if downloaded, 141 MB)


Intro to Abhidharma / Q&A  (47 minutes / if downloaded, 113 MB)

Question and answer period following the above lecture.