***** HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY to VEN. LAMA KUNGA THARTSE RINPOCHE ***** Wishes for continuing long-life and good health

Ven. Lama Kunga Thartse Rinpoche, originally from Ngor Monastery in Tibet, has kindly and generously shared his dharma wisdom with us in many ways for over forty years. We are infinitely grateful for Rinpoche’s display of patience and compassion, his profound teachings, his heartfelt empowerments, and his enduring patience.  Over the years, Rinpoche has kindly instructed students in Tibetan cooking as readily as in spoken and literary Tibetan language. We learn from him how to make tormas and treasure vases. He performs marriage ceremonies and conducts tsoks. He translates and interprets sadhanas and texts, guiding us in our understanding of them.  And especially, he imparts how and why to practice the Bodhisattva path of Vajrayana, measuring the teaching for each individual student. How fortunate we are to have such a wonderful Lama in our midst, and that we could meet him !

Rinpoche’s 80th birthday is on July 25, 2015.  Let’s honor his continuing presence and show our appreciation.

SAY LONG LIFE PRAYERS—You may find the long and short versions of Ven. LAMA KUNGA RINPOCHE’S Long Life Prayer on this website, as follows: On the front page, go to the yellow horizontal bar–Sakya School. From the pull-down menu there, stop at Prayers and move to the right for the prayer.

MAKE A DONATION TO EWAM CHODEN—Ven. Lama Kunga Rinpoche founded this Center and continues to lead it.  The Center is sustained by donations.  Use the PayPal link on the right side of the front page or send a check to make your special Birthday gift donation. (All donations are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged.)   This is the best birthday gift to Rinpoche (other than dharma practice).

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