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The following information gives you dharma practices to help alleviate the sufferings of people and to subdue the virus epidemic.

(1) “The Prayer that Saved Sakya” transmission from His Holiness Kyabgon Gongma Trichen Rinpoche can be seen here. After receiving this transmission, you are encouraged to recite this prayer.

The Prayer that Saved Sakya from Epidemics

By Mahasiddha Thangthong Gyalpo

Lamas, tutelary deities, buddhas, and bodhisattvas,
All objects of refuge in general, and especially the greatly compassionate Goddess dressed in leaves (Parṇaśabarī) and her encircling retinue, Protect all beings from illness, negativity, and misfortune!

May all the ailments which oppress the minds of beings,
The attacks of diseases, negative forces, elemental spirits and the like, Arising from karma and immediate circumstances
Never occur anywhere in the universe.

May all the painful sicknesses which snatch life away, Separating mind and body in a single instant Like an executioner dragging away his victim, Never occur anywhere in the universe.

May epidemics, temporary or chronic,
The mere sound of whose name engenders fear Like falling into the jaws of Yama, lord of death, Never harm any being.

May the eighty-thousand types of harmful obstacles, The three-hundred-sixty sudden dangers from evil spirits, The four-hundred-four types of disease and other ills, Never strike any being.

May all sufferings due to disturbances of the four elements, Which plunder the well-being of body and mind be pacified; May we have radiance, strength,
Health and happiness, and a long life free from sickness.

Through the compassion of the Teachers and Three Jewels, The ability and might of the dakinis and Dharma protectors, And the power of the unfailing law of cause and effect, May all our dedications and wishes be fulfilled.

(2) You may recite the following—Parnaśavari is a powerful mantra used for subduing epidemics.

The goddess Parṇaśavarī (or Parṇaśabarī), who is known in Tibetan as Loma Gyönma (lo ma gyon ma) or ‘Leaf-Clad’ is particularly associated with the healing of contagious disease.
Dharani of Goddess Parnaśavari

Oṃ piśaci parnaśavari sarva jvara praśamana svāhā.

The transliteration given to us by Ven. Lama Kunga Rinpoche is the following:

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