Special Events

MEDITATION and TEACHING LIVE THROUGH ZOOM, SUNDAY, May 22, 2022 AT 10:00 AM Pacific Daylight time.

LAMA KUNGA THARTSE RINPOCHE and the EWAM CHODEN SANGHA CONGRATULATE HIS HOLINESS GYANA VAJRA RINPOCHE, newly enthroned as the 43rd SAKYA TRIZIN. We pray for His long healthy life and many profound dharma activities. We are happy and appreciative that Ven. Lama Kunga Rinpoche has very kindly agreed to conduct the traditional Sunday morning compassion... [Read more]


NEW BOOK ABOUT LAMA KUNGA’S FATHER In the Presence of My Enemies, the fascinating autobiography of Tsipon Shuguba, the father of Lama Kunga Rinpoche, who was a minister in the Tibetan government, was published in English in 1995. Now, the book is available in Tibetan. Contact Ewam Choden for purchase information. All proceeds from the sale... [Read more]

Completed–SAKYA NORTH AMERICAN MONLAM 12/11 – 12/12 2021

NOTICE of the Fourth Annual Sakya North American Monlam for World Peace with H.H. Sakya Trichen  (41) and H.H. Sakya Trizin (42) . This will be live streamed on Saturday, 12/11 and Sunday, 12/12 at these Pacific times: 6:30am to 8:30am and 11am to 1pm. To attend, go to http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdKWS3_KaU-Z-pSFeDtXQgw... [Read more]

Completed—ANNUAL MEMORIAL PRAYERS on Zoom, Monday, Nov. 22, 2021 at 6:00 pm Pacific time

Ven. Lama Kunga Rinpoche will conduct the annual Memorial Prayer service at Ewam Choden and we will participate through Zoom. Everyone is invited to attend. Annually, Ewam Choden holds a gathering to offer prayers for the benefit of all of our friends, relatives and countless sentient beings who have passed on this year and in previous years.  You... [Read more]

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        A NOTICE FOR YOU  —   EMPOWERMENT CANCELLATION  We are very sorry to say that Ven. Lama Kunga Rinpoche has decided to   cancel the upcoming empowerment of White Saraswati that was scheduled for Sunday, March 15, 2020. Rinpoche wants everyone to be as safe and healthy as possible, and not to take unnecessary health risks... [Read more]

Completed–EMPOWERMENT OF KURUKULLE on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2020 at Ewam Choden

Ven. Lama Kunga Rinpoche will kindly bestow the Empowerment of Kurukulle on Sunday, FEBRUARY 16, 2020. The empowerment begins at 1:00 pm and has a requested donation of $30. (Offering to the Lama is separate.) A practice sadhana will be given, but the empowerment may be taken as a blessing. There is no requirement or pre-registration.  Everyone... [Read more]

Completed—-EMPOWERMENT OF BLUE JACKET VAJRAPANI (Chagna Dorje) on Sunday, December 15, 2019 at Ewam Choden

Ven. Lama Kunga Rinpoche will kindly bestow the empowerment and give an explanation of the Blue Jacket Vajrapani.  Vajrapani (Tibetan: chag na dor je. English: the Vajra Holder) is the wrathful bodhisattva, representing the power of all Buddhas.                                                                                        ... [Read more]

Completed—EMPOWERMENT OF VAJRA VIDHARANA (Dorje Namjom) on SUNDAY, JANUARY 26, 2020 at Ewam Choden

Ven. Lama Kunga Rinpoche has kindly agreed to bestow the empowerment of Vajra Vidharana (Dorje Namjom, (Skt. Vajravidāraṇa; Tib. རྡོ་རྗེ་རྣམ་པར་འཇོམས་པ་ on Sunday, January 26, 2020. The empowerment begins at 1:00 pm. Please arrive early to register at the door.  There is a requested donation of $30.... [Read more]

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